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Edmonton Goggles For Skiing (With Prescription options)

Featuring a double-layer anti fog lens system and triple-layer insulating foam, Edmonton are a high-spec pair of ski goggles that will suit beginners and experts alike. If you require prescription ski goggles, Edmonton can be configured to suit your needs by adding an Rx adaptor. For details on ordering a full prescription service, see below.

The Frames

Manufactured from a tough polycarbonate, the Edmonton frame is finished in an attractive black and white and colour scheme. It is lightweight and extremely comfortable, thanks to foam inserts that also serve to keep the cold and wind out of your eyes. The triple layer foam system ensures high levels of safety in the event of a mishap, whilst reducing the levels of sweat and fogging around the goggles as you ski.

The Lenses

Edmonton ski goggles have an attractive and optically precise orange mirror lens on the front, plus a clear lens to the rear, creating a sealed cavity that traps warm air and prevents fogging in a highly effective fashion. The lenses are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, and are anti-scratch coated.

Adding Your Prescription

If you require prescription lenses, we can add an Rx optical insert with distance correction. To do this, please choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu at the top of this page and then complete the boxes that appear. Please note we can only add correction up to SPH readings of plus or minus 4.5.

PD (Pupillary Distance)

This is the measurement between the centres of your eye pupils, across your regular glasses. Your optician will have measured your PD when you took your eye test, but they do not always provide the information. If you're not sure what your PD is, or your optician will not give it to you (in the UK they are not obliged to), ask someone to measure it by placing a ruler against your regular glasses. Do not take a measurement with the ruler flat against your face because this will provide an incorrect reading.

Most PD's are in the range of 58 - 70mm. Please note that, if your PD is above 70mm, these goggles will not be suitable for you.


A sturdy head retainer strap is fitted to the Edmonton goggles, finished in black with the Rapid Eyewear logo picked out in white on each side. It is easily adjustable, and comfortable, being made from a very strong yet soft nylon material.

Compliance And Conformity

All Rapid Eyewear ski goggles comply with ISO 12312 standards for eye protection, and US Z80.3. They offer 100% UVA / UVB protection.

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