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  • Cycling Sunglasses

    Although cycling sunglasses should include the standard interchangeable tints seen with most sports eye wear, there are two more ingredients that we need to add to the mix - firstly, a clear lens, for keeping wind out in conditions where you don't require a tint, and second, vented lenses to prevent fogging. Most of the pairs in Allsports USA range of sunglasses for cycling include these features.

    Allsports USA cycling sunglasses with inter-changeable lenses include clear, low light, beige polarized and grey mirror polarized lens options. These lenses will cover just about all conditions you can think of and, in tandem with Allsports USA's superb impact resistant frames, you'll have the perfect sunglasses whether you are into road cycling, BMX, or mountain biking. For more extreme conditions, consider Moritz or Aspen which include all-round eye cover and anti fog lenses.

    Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

    Don't worry if you need prescription cycling sunglasses, because we've got that covered too. The Pro Performance Plus package includes the four lens sets described above, plus an Rx insert for your corrective lenses. We will be pleased to add your prescription for you at a very reasonable extra cost; simply select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu on the product page.
  • Fishing Sunglasses

    There are plenty of fishing sunglasses on the market, but few can provide the combination of versatility, quality, strength and practicality of the Catch Pro range - add to that incredible value for money, and there can only be one logical choice for today's fisherman. Why buy several pairs of sunglasses with different tints when you can have just one that utilizes interchangeable lenses, ready at your hip when you need them? Our prescription sunglasses also provide the answer for spectacle wearers looking for the perfect eye wear for fishing.

    Each pair of Catch Pro Sunglasses Comes with:

    • Superior quality TR90 and poly-carbonate frames, with sprung-hinged side arms, plus rubber side arm extensions and nose pieces for maximum comfort
    • Category 3 polarized anti-scratch coated lenses, for ultimate viewing on sunny days
    • Category 2 polarized anti-scratch coated lenses, for great definition and glare-free viewing on fairly bright or changeable days
    • Category 0 light-enhancing lenses for dull days, or those early morning / night sessions
    • Superb hard carry case, with belt fixing loops / catch and padded internal compartments for spare lenses
    • Lint-free cleaning cloth
    • Neck / head securing strap - ensure your glasses won't fall into the river or sea
    • Lens changing instruction sheet
  • Golf Sunglasses

    Golf sunglasses with interchangeable lenses allow the user to change their tint according to the light conditions. For sunny days, Allsports advanced polarized green mirror tinted lens is the ultimate golf eye wear accessory; developed to provide the best contrast possible between a white ball and green background, it cuts through blue light to help you read the fairways and greens better. Meanwhile, Category 0 low light lenses are great for early morning and late evening play, whilst a beige polarised lens is perfect for light cloud, hazy or fairly sunny days where superb definition and clarity can be achieved through the filtering of blue light.

    Thanks to the changeable lenses, Allsports golf sunglasses are effectively three pairs rolled into one: you also get a high quality carry case, head retainer strap and a microfiber cleaning cloth to go with them. Everything you need, in fact, to enjoy the best vision you can achieve on the golf course.
    Our frames are made from the highest quality poly-carbonate and TR90 composites; they are lightweight, wrap-around in style and have a slight flex that allows them to comfortable fit most shapes and sizes of head. Most pairs benefit from an adjustable nose clip, whilst Edge feature our new and unique side-arm height adjustment system which allows you to make a bespoke fit.

    If you need corrective golf sunglasses, the Scratch Pro X Prescription brings the benefits of interchangeable lenses, through the use of an Rx insert. We will be happy to provide a full prescription service: just select the relevant option from the product page when you buy. 
  • Air Sports

    Hang gliding and paragliding sunglasses need to be very tough, lightweight, wrap-around and optically superior to ensure you enjoy superb levels of clarity and definition when in the air. Rapid Eyewear's sunglasses offer all of these attributes, plus a choice of options that ensures there will be something to suit you.

    If you want a range of tints for different light conditions, choose a pair from the Mile High range, which are supplied with no less than four sets of lenses as standard, plus a carry case, head securing strap and cleaning cloth. Each pair includes our famous light-enhancing set for dull days, or early morning / early evening use.

    Both Aspen and Moritz benefit from removable foam / rubber inserts, which provide extra lenses of wind and light blockage from the peripheries of your vision - Moritz, Aspen and Falera all have vented lenses, giving them an anti-fogging capability. If you're worried about head security, check out the removable side-arms on Moritz, which can be replaced by a retainer strap.

    Note: All of the sunglasses shown here are comfortable beneath a helmet.

    If you need prescription paragliding sunglasses, choose Aviate. You may want to consider adding the clear UV400 lens to your package as well (available from a drop-down menu on the Aviate page), making your glasses ready to use even when you don't require a tint. We will be happy to add your prescription lenses at a modest extra cost: see individual product page for more details.

  • Sunglasses For Pilots

    Allsports aviation sunglasses range (previously called 'Mile High') are the world's leading poly-carbonate and TR90 based sunglasses designed with pilots in mind. Each pair comes with four sets of interchangeable lenses for different light conditions: please note that in line with CAA recommendations, none of the lenses are polarized.

    All of our pilot sunglasses are manufactured to the highest standards, with lightweight, wrap-around frames that fit comfortably under headsets. They offer 100% UV A and UV B protection and comply with ISO 12312 and US Z80.3 standards.

    Prescription Pilot Sunglasses

    If you wear spectacles, choose Aviate sunglasses, which also come with four sets of interchangeable lenses and an Rx insert. We will be happy to add your prescription lenses for you - simply choose the relevant option on the product page.

  • Prescription Sunglasses

    We are pleased to offer a range of solutions for glasses wearers, including Rx sports prescription sunglasses, aviators and also the highly cost-effective over glasses that go over your spectacles.

    Rx Sunglasses

    The Rx adapter, or optical insert, is effectively a small plastic spectacle frame that sits behind the tinted lens on your sports sunglasses. This arrangement provides several key advantages:

    • Versatility: it allows for interchangeable, tinted lens options to be used
    • Strength: it doubles the protective layers in front of your eyes for sport
    • Cost effective: Stock lenses can be cut to your prescription, and easily replaced if your requirements change


    If you're looking for a simple, budget prescription option, try our polarized Over-glasses. The over-glasses simply fit on top of your existing spectacles; they are available in a range of colors, and different size options (please check the indicated measurements carefully before making your purchase). Our poly-carbonate Over-glasses are strong, lightweight and fitted with impact-resistant polarized Category 3 lenses.

    Altius Aviator Sunglasses

    With a slight wrap-around styling, the Altius aviators feature high quality nickel silver frames with sprung side arms, and impact-resistant poly-carbonate lenses with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that resist grease and water. We will be happy to fit prescription lenses to the Altius range for you; please note that a flash mirror coating can be fitted if required, for an additional cost. Choose from polarized and non polarized options.

    Prescription Service

    We are pleased to offer a full prescription service at highly competitive prices. We can make up both single-vision and bifocal options, and progressives. before committing to your purchase, please ensure you read the product notes carefully as there are some restrictions on eye strengths. if you would prefer your own optician to complete the optical work, buy the glasses only and they will be able to help.
  • Tennis Sunglasses

    Players looking for tennis sunglasses require the best possible contrast between ball and background, in different light conditions. Allsports range of inter-changeables are perfect for the job, thanks to the inclusion of low light, polarized and 'sunshine' options in one handy package.

    Our tennis sunglasses feature high grade plastic frames and impact-resistant poly-carbonate lenses, with full UV400 protection. A wide range of styles and colors ensures there is something to suit everyone.

    If you are a prescription wearer, Pro Performance will be the perfect choice for you. Making use of an Rx insert, the Pro Performance sunglasses offer many of the benefits of our standard range, including interchangeable tints and UV400 protection. We can offer to add your corrective lenses at a very competitive price - just choose your required option from the drop-down menus on the product page, add your prescription details, and we'll do the rest.

  • RC Modelglasses

    The world's leading sunglasses exclusively designed and manufactured for RC model flying use. Our Modelglasses range has been the market leader since 2005: as used by many of the world's top RC pilots.

    Designed by experienced modellers, Model Glasses are an essential RC accessory. Featuring interchangeable lenses, they offer low light and polarized options that improve depth perception, contrast and the definition of clouds and models during flight, whatever the conditions.

    Prescription (spectacle) wearers can choose Innovation Plus, to enjoy all the benefits and features of our regular Model Glasses. You can order a full prescription service on the product page.

    Each pair of Modelglasses is supplied with interchangeable lenses, a carry case, a cleaning cloth and a head retainer strap. Additional lens options are also available on each product page.