Green Master Golf Sunglasses

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Sunglasses for golf, with interchangeable polarized and light-enhancing lenses.

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Green master sunglasses for golf
Featuring interchangeable lenses to suit all light conditions, Green Master polarized golf sunglasses are lightweight, stylish, comfortable and highly practical. They also represent great value for money given the quality of the optics and frames. The attractive metallic red color scheme makes Green Master suitable for both men and women.

Manufactured from a tough, high-quality poly-carbonate, Green Master golf sunglasses have rubber nose pieces and side-arm inserts that make for a comfortable fit, as does the slight flex in the frame which allows them to fit well on most sizes and shapes of head.

De-Centered and Anti-Scratch Coated Lenses

Placing a curved lens in front of your eyes would normally cause distortion. However, all Scratch lens sets are de-centered, which means they are calibrated to remove the distorting effect. An anti-scratch coating greatly reduces the chances of damaging your lenses during normal usage.

The inclusion of a category 0 lens set allows Green Master to be worn when conditions are dull; this lens has a high level of translucence which means far more light is allowed to pass through the yellow filter than would be normal; this actually has the effect of making everything appear brighter than it actually is.

Designated as a category 2 lens, the polarized option is ideal for changeable or fairly bright conditions. The polarized filters target sunlight that bounces off horizontal surfaces to cause glare (e.g. car windscreens).

Finally, the category 3 lens set has a green filter that is optimized for use on 'green field' sports such as golf, in sunny conditions.

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Filtering Blue Light - Improve Your Vision, Improve Your Game

Allsports lenses filter out harmful blue light, thereby improving the contrast and definition of objects and terrain in your field of view. This will help you to make better judgements when selecting your club and shot style.

UV and Conformity

Allsports sunglasses conform to ISO 12311 and 12312 standards for sunglasses and protective equipment testing. They offer 100% UV A/UV B (UV400) protection and comply with US Z80-3.

The Package

As with all Scratch golf sunglasses, the Green Master golf sunglasses come supplied as standard with the following:

  • Category 0 (yellow) lenses, for low light use
  • Category 2 (beige, polarized) lenses, for fairly bright or changeable conditions
  • Category 3 (green, mirror-coated). Perfect for sunny conditions
  • Sturdy carry case with belt clips and loops, a padded lining and internal compartments for spare lenses
  • Head retainer strap
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

Additional Lenses

A Category 4 Dark, Smoked lens option is available for Green Master - this can be used in very bright conditions for general use, but please note, it is not recommended for golf. Please also be aware this lens is not suitable for driving.

A clear, un-tinted UV protected lens is also available. This is ideal for cycling, sailing, running and safety use when a tint is not required.

The final option is a Category 3 grey polarized mirror option that's a perfect replacement for the golf lens when you want to use Green Master for general sports and leisure use.

To purchase extra lenses, select your preferred option from the drop-down menu before completing your purchase.
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