The All Sports Mile High aviator range of sunglasses are the Worlds leading pilot specialty sunglasses specifically designed for pilots both general aviation and commercial pilots.
They are constructed with poly-carbonate lenses and TR 90 polymer frames which are extremely flexible making very comfortable to wear under head sets.

All styles of the Mile High sunglasses come standard with four sets of lenses, (cat. 0 light enhancing, cat.2 beige, cat.3 grey, and cat 4 smoked lenses for very bright days or flying east in the morning hours) also included is a sturdy carrying case an adjustable neck strap and a lint free cleaning clothe. None of the standard lenses are non-polarized per the FAA recommendations but if you wish to use your sunglasses for other activities which require polarized lenses you may purchase these lenses as spare parts for your glasses set.

Prescription Sunglasses Option
If you wear prescription glasses then the Mile High range has a solution for you with the" Aviate" style of sunglasses with a prescription lens insert enabling you to have the stylish sunglasses with your own prescription lenses fitted. These also come with all four colors of interchangeable snap on flip up lenses
We offer a complete prescription lens service giving you the option of single vision, lined bi-focal and no-line progressive lenses sim
ply choose from the drop down menu on-line and input your prescription information and we will do the rest for you.