Check out our new Edge sunglasses these are to replace the long running successful Nimbus sunglasses (they will still be available to all who would prefer these)

The world's leading RC Model Sunglasses RC pilot sunglasses exclusively designed and manufactured for RC model flying use. They have been the market leader since 2005 and are worn by many of the world's top RC pilots.

Designed by experienced modelers, Model Glasses are an essential RC accessory. Featuring 3 and 4 interchangeable lenses, they offer light enhancing and polarized options that improve depth perception, contrast and the definition of clouds and models during flight.

Prescription (spectacle) wearers can choose Innovation Plus to enjoy all the benefits and features of our regular Model Glasses with the smart wrap around lenses. You can order a full prescription service (single vision, lined bi-focal, and no-line progressives)

Each pair of Model glasses is supplied with interchangeable lenses, a sturdy carrying case, a cleaning cloth and a head/neck retainer strap.

Also as all of the Allsports sunglasses lenses are impact tested to ASTM Z 80-3 standards they offer excellent eye protection for the RC pilots in the event of a prop strike and debris flying into their eyes
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