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Catch Pro Prescription Sunglasses

RX Sunglasses are becoming an increasingly popular option for spectacle wearers around the world who need them for driving, sports and leisure usage. All Sports standard Rx frame is lightweight, comfortable and highly versatile - plus, importantly, they make you look cool when you wear them.

What Are Rx Sunglasses?

The Rx adapter, or optical insert, is effectively a small plastic spectacle frame that sits behind the tinted lens on your sports sunglasses. This arrangement provides several key advantages:

  • Versatility - it allows for interchangeable tinted lens options to be used
  • Strength - it doubles the protective layers in front of your eyes for sport
  • It is highly cost effective
  • It is far cheaper and easier to update your prescription if required



If you've owned Rx prescription sunglasses before, you might be aware that a common issue is the wearer's eyelashes touching the inside of the prescription lenses. This is not a problem with the All Sports frame, which keeps the insert at the optimum distance from your eyes without compromising on looks or light blockage.

Prescription Service

Catch Pro Prescription Sunglasses

We are pleased to offer a full prescription service at prices way below what you would pay at an opticians. We can make up both single-vision and bifocal options. before committing to your purchase, please ensure you read the product notes carefully as there are some restrictions on eye strengths.

Using Your Own Optician

If you do not want us to add your prescription, you should find that any reputable optician will be happy to do it for you.

Will They Work For Me?

If you have a prescription strength (indicated on your card as 'SPH', with a reading for both eyes) requirement that's within plus or minus 4.50, our glasses will work just fine for you, for stronger prescriptions please contact us by phone before ordering so we can check with our vendor to see if it practical to manufacture your Rx. The de-centering calibration of the lenses loses its effect where stronger prescriptions are required so please be aware of this fact.  Bifocals can be ordered through ourselves (see below), also no-line progressives lenses please check you Rx before ordering - if in doubt, please consult your optometrist for advice.

Pupillary Distance

This is the distance, in mm, between the pupils of your eyes, when measured across the front of your glasses. A PD can range from 55 up to 70mm. Unfortunately, most US opticians do not put the PD on a standard prescription card - if you do not know your PD, ask your optician to let you know what it is. If they do not know, or are unwilling to release the information, you can measure it simply yourself, by asking a friend to hold a ruler up against your glasses whilst you are wearing them. Try to be accurate, but note that, if you are 1 - 2mm out on your calculation, your glasses should still be fine. If you would like more information about your PD, please contact us - we will be glad to help.

Which Pair Should I choose?

If you want your Rx sunglasses for a specific sporting activity, look to see if the activity is listed in our Products section (see tab on the menu at the top of this page). If it is, go to that section and you'll find a prescription package listed that is tailored for your requirements. Otherwise, choose one of the two pairs below. The difference between the Standard and Plus package is that with the Plus option, you receive an additional, clear lens.

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