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Fore Golfing Sunglasses
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With TR90 frames, dedicated interchangeable golf lenses, vent cut-outs and an accessory pack as standard, Fore are hard to beat in terms of style, performance and value for money. The Fore sunglasses form part of our 'Scratch Golf' range of performance eye wear for golfers.

Features at a Glance
  • TR90 frames, with an attractive 'clear' finish
  • Wrap-around styling blocks unwanted light and wind from peripheries of your vision
  • 3 x sets of lenses, including green mirror Cat 3, for best definition when reading the course
  • Lens vents prevent sweat and fog patches forming
  • Carry case, strap and cleaning cloth included as standard
The FramesFore-web.jpg
Most plastic sunglasses are made from polycarbonate of various grades and quality levels. However, Fore are made from TR90, a high-grade material that is extremely tough, and highly resistant to the kind of stress fractures that often befall polycarbonate sunglasses. Despite their strength, Fore frames have a slight flex, allowing them to not only be shatterproof, but also make a comfortable fit on the wearer, whatever the shape and size of their head. Rubber nose pads and side arm extensions also enhance comfort levels. The frame is finished in a crystalized (clear) form, with just a hint of green.

The Lenses
Made from polycarbonate, the lenses are robust, optically precise and tailored to suit all light conditions you might encounter out on the course. The specifications of each set are as follows:

  • Category 0 (amber), light-enhancing: for dull or low light conditions. Improve apparent brightness by filtering out blue light, thereby enhancing the definition of objects and terrain
  • Category 2 (beige) polarized: for 'middle' or hazy light, and also when conditions are changeable. A great all-round lens with a polarized filter to remove glare that works in any light
  • Category 3 (green mirror): on bright, sunny days, the green tint provides the ultimate definition when reading a fairway or green. Mirror finish adds an anti-glare capability

All Allsports sunglasses lenses have an anti-scratch coating, and de-centered optics to ensure an optically precise focal point. Ventilation cut-outs help the wearer's eyebrows to breathe, thus greatly reducing the problem of sweat patches, and fogging, on the rear side of the lenses.

The Package
As part of a comprehensive package, Fore comes with a high quality hard case, featuring internal pouches for housing spare lenses, plus a belt fixing clip and loops. Additionally, a neck / head retainer is provided, allowing the wearer to firmly fix Fore if required, plus a lint-free cleaning cloth.

All Allsports sunglasses conform to EN1836 European Union regulations for sunglasses and, as such, all lenses offer 100% UV A / UV B protection. They also conform to US Z80.3 regulations for sports safety eye wear, meaning a sample from each batch is subjected to a drop-test at the factory to ensure their strength.

We are pleased to offer a full spares service for Fore sunglasses and they will be added to this website soon.

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