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Innovation Plus bring all the benefits of our standard Model glasses, including the interchangeable lenses, to spectacle wearers. And, with two sets of polarized lenses included as standard, Innovation Plus have the same specification levels as our top of the range Nimbus. As used by many of the world's top RC pilots, including Dominik Haegelle and Wolfgang Matt (see photos).
Complete Prescription Service
We are delighted to offer a full prescription service for customers who want the least amount of hassle when having their Innovation Plus sunglasses glazed, and at the best price possible - you'll also enjoy the fastest turnaround times. To order, please choose your preferred option from the drop-down menu above and fill in the fields that appear. Before completing your order, please read the notes below to make sure your prescription is suitable for these sunglasses.

Photo, right: RC legend Wolfgang Matt wears Innovation Plus

Using Your Own Optician
If you do not want us to add your prescription, you should find that any reputable optician will be happy to do it for you. 

Will They Work For Me?
If you have a prescription strength (indicated on your RX as 'SPH', with a reading for both eyes) requirement that's within plus or minus 4.50, our glasses will work just fine for you. Stronger prescriptions can cause distortion, due to the curvature of the lenses. The decentering calibration of the lenses loses its effect where stronger prescriptions are required. If you have a requirement greater than plus or minus 4.50, please please check with us on a case by case basis before buying these glasses. Bi-focal lenses can be ordered through ourselves, also no-line progressive lenses as well

Pupillary Distance
This is the distance, in milli metres, between the pupils of your eyes, when measured across the front of your glasses. A PD can range from 55 up to 70mm. Unfortunately, most USA opticians do not put the PD on a standard prescription card - if you do not know your PD, ask your optician to let you know what it is. If they do not know, or are unwilling to release the information, you can measure it simply yourself, by asking a friend to hold a ruler up against your glasses whilst you are wearing them. Try to be accurate, but note that, if you are 1 - 2mm out on your calculation, your glasses should still be fine. If you would like more information about your PD, please contact us - we will be glad to help.
Photo, right: 3D Master Dominik Haegelle wearing his 
Innovation Plus

The Package
Each pair of Innovation Plus comes with the following as standard:

  • High-quality, polycarbonate frame
  • Light-enhancing Category 0 lens, for dark conditions
  • Category 2 polarized lens, for fairly bright conditions
  • Category 3 polarized lens, for normal sunny conditions
  • Category 4 lens, for very bright conditions
  • Bespoke carry case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Neck / head strap

The Frames
Our Innovation Plus prescription sunglasses are built around a matte black finished frame that has a prescription Rx clip housed in the back, whilst the tinted, interchangeable one-piece lens assembly sits on the front. This two-part arrangement allows for great versatility and performance, without compromising on the stylish look. The wrap-around frame blocks unwanted wind and light encroaching from the sides and bottom of your vision. The frames are lightweight and tough, whilst the Rx clip, made from an almost indestructible TR90 material, ensures maximum protection for your eyes from impact. An important feature of our Innovation Plus sunglasses is that, unlike other types of Rx eye wear, your eyelashes will not touch the lenses. The tinted lenses clip onto the top of the frames, allowing them to be flipped up for momentary normal vision when required.
Prescription Modelglasses

Wrap-around sunglasses offer great benefits when it comes to blocking unwanted light and wind from the sides of your vision, but placing a curved lens in front of your eyes would normally cause distortion. However, all Innovation Plus lens sets are de-centered, which means they are calibrated to remove the distorting effect. An anti-scratch coating reduces the chances of spoiling your lenses in every day usage.
Innovation Plus Prescription flying sunglasses conform to EN 1836 regulations for safety eye wear, and US Z80.3 standards. They offer 100% UV A / UV B protection. A sample of every batch is impact tested at the factory to ensure their strength is up to standard.

How Long Will It Take To Make My Sunglasses?
Our turnaround time is 3 - 5 days from the date of order.

I Am Not in the USA - Can You Still Make My Prescription?
Yes, we will be pleased to add your prescription and ship the sunglasses to you, wherever you are, ther will be an additional shipping charge where applicable.
Spares Service
We have a good stock of spares - if there is anything you need, please ask and we shall be happy to help.
In addition to our normal 12-month warranty, we will be happy to work with you should you discover the prescription sunglasses as made are not working correctly. If we subsequently discover that we have not made the sunglasses correctly, we will be happy to rectify the problem free of charge. However, extra fees may be incurred if the optical work has been executed incorrectly due to our having received incorrect or insufficient information from the customer.
Insect Repellants
Most insect repellents use a chemical solution called Deet. We would like to warn you that Deet has a highly destructive effect on plastics, and we have already become aware of customers who have experienced their sunglasses falling apart after they come into contact with these insect repellants. We will not be held responsible for, or cover warranty on, any of our products which have broken or disintegrated after coming into contact with Deet based insect repellants.

Additional Lenses
We are pleased to offer some additional lens options, as follows:

  • Clear, un-tinted - ideal safety lens for use at the field or workshop
  • Category 2, non-polarized. Perfect if you also fly full-size
  • Category 3, non-polarized. Also perfect if you fly full-size

Polarized lenses are great for model flying, but they are not FAA approved because they can reduce your ability to read digital instrumentation. If you fly full-size aircraft, or you enjoy paragliding etc., the non-polarized lens options will make your Innovation Plus ideal for using in those situations too.

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